Unremember, 2017

Wood, black latex paint, handmade paper consisting of daylily, canna lily, summer dresses, torn pages from The Encyclopedia of Gardening, sisal twine and white cotton fiber, projector, media player and video* (3 min 30 sec looping), 6 feet high x 6 feet long x 4 feet wide *The video can be viewed through a small peep hole on the narrow side of the box.

"Unremember" is a cuboid black box covered in three large sheets of paper made from summer dresses and plant fibers. (Imagine Tony Smith minimalism with Robert Rauschenberg gestural assemblage.) Looking through a small peep hole on the short front side of the box, you can see a video projected within.

In the video, you are caught up in a staccato swirl of stop-motion imagery. It is a moving collage of painting, photography, and paper. There are glimpses of ruin and destruction as furniture, clothing, rooms, buildings, trees, hills, lakes, and the sky expand, explode, burn, move, and sink away. The spaces are empty of people- making them ominous. Where has everyone gone? What had happened?

In this work I explore our contemporary fear of disaster, abandonment, and displacement. I am impacted by the physical intimacy of the objects, clothing, and spaces left behind as people move on, are pushed away, or leave their homes because of war or natural disaster.


Stills from the video:

Papermaking Process